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Has Language – Language of ummah

This letter offers that the Quran language should be entitled as the “Hās” language and used as a official language by the ummah.

The language which the conscience holders use should be the same. A language which they can prevent cruelty and make justice dominant forever by the help of effective communication.

Let’s prefer Quran Language as our “Hās” language since it is highly gifted and the preference of our Creator. Let’s use “Has” language as an official international language and provide the required encouragement and distribution for its learning and collect “Hās” language versions all the works in other languages and write new works in “Hās” language.

The most valuable heritage to our next generation is to own a single language that provide unity. This unity will be the shield which will prevent cruelty.

A single language will provide the dissemination of knowledge, promote the scope of nations, and empower the ummah and ease to discover Quran which conveys us to eternal heaven.

If we wish to do something for the charity of ourselves, generations, nations, ummah and existence it will be the “Hās” Language.

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